Kit learn and practice

New service to always be as close as possible to its users and promote its solution in the agricultural sphere.

Prescribers training

  • Offer educational kits for teachers/experts
  • Welcome students
  • Intervene in schools

Privileged users networking

  • Maintain direct exchanges
  • Create cases studies
  • Promote their activities

itk’s collaborators initiation

  • Employee’s integration process enrichment
  • Enhance corporate culture

Tools understanding

  • Agronomic modeling
  • IT development/UX-Design
  • IoT functioning

Solutions training

  • 2h training
  • Pedagogic materials provision
  • Support and meetings

Encourage exchange

  • Interact between members, share news, good practices
  • Elaborate various study cases: testimonials, agronomic case studies, experimentations, use of our tools
  • Collect sector or users needs

Personalized demo accounts

Vine model for water status

Corn and wheat models for simultaneous simulation of water and nitrogen demand of the plant

Monitoring tool for livestock

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