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31 years old, PhD in computer science

“What I especially liked when I joined the itk team 3 years ago was the trust and independence we were given in performing our work. “

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“In this sense, as a former top-level athlete, I still have the opportunity to participate in the European Championship of Kayak polo clubs with the Montpellier team. This gives me the freedom to reconcile my love for this sport and my work at itk, which makes me more productive. I also like the company’s initiative and willingness to encourage innovation at all levels to give us more skills and versatility.


31 years old, Management Assistant

When I started working here, I learned what a collaborative company is..”

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When I was looking for a job in Montpellier, I didn’t have a clear picture of the sector I wanted to work in. I was allowed to join the itk team, with its friendly atmosphere and true professional drive. I see our core activities as innovative and I share the company’s vision of improving agriculture as a whole. Compared to my past jobs, itk is different, in that it encourages independence and agility in a relatively horizontal structure. I liked it right away! I believe that agility is a key skill for people joining itk… in other words, the ability to keep moving forward without focusing too much on a single office, a single project, etc.”


29 years old, IoT Engineer

“My post-graduate internship made me want to work for itk. “

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“The comfortable work environment and free rein are the main reasons I chose itk. I have an IoT background and versatile skills, so I appreciate being able to try new things and work on a wide variety of projects. Despite the company’s growth and maturity, it still operates much like a start-up, with horizontal management and organizational flexibility, which are perfect for me. I love the collaborative spirit and constant challenges. To work at itk, you can’t be afraid to be yourself, and above all, you should feel free to offer up creative ideas.”