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Dairy Insurance Webinar: How to improve climate resilience of dairy farms?

8 juillet @ 18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min

Dairy Insurance Webinar: How to improve climate resilience of dairy farms?

In recent years, we have experienced particularly hot summers that have a negative  impact on a large part of the dairy herds. The animals experience heat stress which lead to short and long term effects on the farm’s profitability :  milk production loss, decreased pregnancy rate and increased embryonic mortality, etc.

By decreasing milk yield each year, heat stress costs the dairy farm about 100$ per cow and up to 400$ per cow when the summer is very hot and humid.*

All farms are affected by this phenomenon and yet few credible solutions exist  that give farmers the opportunity to protect their dairy income and transform farming practices to mitigate against heat stress.

A significant economic risk for the dairy farmers in the context of climate change.

To better anticipate and protect against the economic losses related to heat stress ITK has created an all-inclusive insurance product with Skyline Partners. The Heat Stress Protect product helps dairy farmers adapt to climate change. Using a well recognised Heat Stress indices ITK is now able to offer a warranty and a range of  heat stress management tools/services.


In this webinar, experts are gathered to answer your questions:

  • How is dairy farming  affected by climate change?
  • Research study: What are the effects of heat stress on milk production in USA?
  • What are the relevant indicators to assess the impact on cows?
  • How to embed warranty in your product, service, or equipment for dairy farms?
  • How to add a new product or service to your insurance product portfolio?
  • What objective insights to provide to help farmers investment decisions?



  • Bennet Holmes, Business Development Director at ITK
  • Laurent Sabaté, Co-Founder & Executive Director at Skyline Partners
  • Jordan Kraft-Lambert, VP Business Development at VAS
  • Julie Dewez, Smart Farming Manager at Medria Solution
  • Serge Zaka, Agro-meteorilogist at ITK

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Date :
8 juillet
Heure :
18 h 00 min - 19 h 30 min
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