ITK: a precise approach to damage risks,
thanks to agronomic models

Climate risk early warnings

To protect

Income in case of climatic hazards, beyond multi-risk weather insurance.

Predict production and economic losses

7 days before a climatic event.

Alert and recommend

The best  protection measures to put in place, based on forecastedlosses and on predicted effectiveness.

Improving the financial security of farmers

Limit economic losses dues to climate events (frequency and intensity). speed up insurance expertises using yield forecasting indices, to be integrated into the parametric insurance.

Ensuring agricultural  resilience

  • Assess the impact of severe climatic hazards on production potential
  • Reduce the negative effects of extreme episodes (frost, heatwave, heat wave, wind) on plant and animal production.
  • Recommend protection measures adapted to the type of production.
  • Anticipate and better plan flows throughout the supply chain.

For cooperatives, producer groups dairies, agri-food processing companies.