Track and measure the evolution of Limousin cattle in two environments using sensors

Lanaud station (itk sensors) and Moussours station (partner sensors)




Provide farmers with DSTs and user-friendly indicators

High-throughput phenotyping,

automated data tracking, and collection

Provide farmers with this data and indicators

so they can take quick action in the event of an alert and optimize their breeding choices (selection of the most efficient animals to produce the next generation)

Take biological samples and genotype the animals for which data have been collected

to exploit these new phenotypes in future genomic tools

  • Lanaud station equipped since June 2017 with AXEL sensors: FeedPhone and HeatPhone services
  • 4 series of calves equipped in the past year
  • Currently, Master’s internship at the beginning of the project and the acquisition/analysis of the first data from the AXEL units
  • Thesis validated in September 2018 in collaboration with INRA using AXEL sensor data



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