Heat Stress Protect

Insurance for dairy farms

Anticipate and cover financial losses on dairy farms in the event of heat stress with an innovative insurance program

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Heat Stress Protect : Measure, Mitigate and Protect.


A warranty combined with a web application to take better management decisions.


Objective data on risk exposure and milk production losses to help investment decisions and evaluating return on any investment done.


7-days local forecast to adjust work orders before visible signs of heat stress.


Actionable insights on management practices and equipments fit-out to mitigate heat stress.

Ready to sell

For insurers

  • Add a new product or service to your insurance product portfolio
  • Reach new customers with a fully digital insurance program on a new climate risk
  • Customize premium rating according to your risk strategy

For agri-business and food companies

  • Embed warranty in your product, service, or equipment for dairy farms
  • Cross selling program with a full digital process
  • Embed warranty in your milk purchase price

Anticipate and cover economic loss
related to heat stress

Protect farmers’ dairy income from heat stress
with a unique index available worldwide.

How to protect dairy income and transform farming practices to mitigate heat stress?

  • Coverage and premium adapted to risk exposure and budget
  • Only two pieces of information required to get a quote: farm geolocation and herd size
  • Automatic payout, no declaration, no claim adjuster on site, no waiting
  • Simplicity and serenity

How it works?

Farmer fills in his farm geolocation, his herd size and selects the level of coverage that best fit:

The risk exposure for his farm, His budget

We monitor the economic
loss index

If it reaches the predefined threshold

You receive a payout at the end of the coverage period

Tailor-made insurance

Our application computes heat stress and associated economic loss index daily and at your farm level. This index is cumulated over the coverage period.

An all-inclusive insurance program: forecast and monitoring dairy loss

ITK and Skyline Partners work together to:

Design the product

Provide automated data driven index insurance platformfor premium rating, index and payout monitoring

Manage insurance partnerships

Provide pricing and marketing tools to business partners

Our clients

To follow key events in the life of a dairy farm, our platform includes the FarmLife decision support tool, as well as agricultural intelligence services (APIs).




Consultants, nutritionist, vets


Dairies, Agri-food industries


Digital companies

Herd management software, milking robot, etc.

USA, UK, Chile, France