A service to forecast, prevent and protect from agroclimatological risk

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Extreme events are becoming more frequent and intense. The extreme droughts observed in the last 10 years will become the norm from the 2050s.


Climate related economic loss is increasing rapidly.In France the
average annual compensation payed out by crop insurances varies between 500 and 750 million.


During the season it is difficult for farmers to estimate how much yield might be lost due to extreme events solely based on weather forecasts.


And it is even more difficult to predict the efficacy of the protective measures that might be adopted.

The only solution that can mitigate the risk of economic loss caused by climate hazards

  • Get early warnings of potential production losses.
  • Get yield loss forecasts at 7 days for each farming plot and visualize them on a map.
  • Evaluate the efficacy of possible protection measures.
  • Plan and adopt the most efficient protection measures.

A Smart technology for the risk management of your crops:

  • Based on scientific studies and crop models, using
    gridded weather data.
  • Prevent predicts crop phenological stages and their sensitivity to climate hazards.
  • This information is then used to issue alerts and estimate potential losses.

Prevent sur mobile

Get 3 services in 1:


of production losses

Early warning

system for producers


under different protection scenarios

No need of a weather station, no maintenance costs.

Estimate the benefits of investing on protection equipments, using agrometereological data from the last 10 years.

Available for all crops and livestock for the risk of frost, heat waves and drought.

Why choose Prevent®?

  • Provide a more objective expertise that quantifies production losses.
  • Benefit from a turnkey warning system, issuing alerts to farmers via the Prevent messaging interface.
  • Add personalized advice to the warnings.
  • Communicate about the most suitable protection measures.
  • It is possible to connect your physical weather station to Prevent, under the agreement of your weather data provider.