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Vintel makes the vine speak. Anticipate their needs.


Each drop counts

Optimise irrigation timing to cultivate grapes of the desired quality, according to the wine’s
sensorial profile.


Refine control of grass cover

Simulate the impacts of grass cover to achieve performance objectives while contributing to environmental health, biodiversity.


Reduce costs

Irrigate just in time, less but enough, while reducing costs. Preserve the scarce water reserve.


Fine-tune disease management

Secure yields while optimising disease treatment.


Control nitrogen nutrition

Monitor Nitrogen content in soiland plant. Adapt the nitrogen inputs according to the growth objectives of the vine.

Your simulation is unique and personalized

Vintel makes tailor-made forecasts, based on data from your region.

With your local weather, your type of soil, your grape varieties.

Simulation based on agronomic modeling provides you with information that experiment alone could not have offered!

Testimonials from winegrowers

Vintel has been giving  me the extra reassurance I need to make irrigation decisions.


Courtney E., Ranch Manager

Vintel helps me save time and manage water stress better.
The interface is the simplest and most intuitive of all the tools used.

Kyle B., Vineyards Manager

Vintel has helped me streamlining viticultural communication amongst my vineyard management team.

Adrienne U., Relation Manager

Did you know?

Vintel reduces irrigation and water consumption by


Based on the best Research work for 50 years, ITK has developed an agronomic model adapted to the management of water stress in the vineyard.


A digital platform
simple and complete

In a snap

From day one, you’ll love the ease of reading the graph, and the power of the model.

Create your first blocks

Build blocks independently, in one click and fill in your region. The more specific you are, the more relevant Vintel will be.

Anticipate the impact of the climate

Manage your performance objectives, with your weather data and our simulation model of tailor-made intervention strategies, in real time for each plot.

Increase the profitability of your decisions

Customize your interventions as you go, save money, inputs and water.

Without sensors, start and get ahead of the management of your plots


From the start of the season, learn about the precise water status of the vineyard. Compare the history of your previous water trips with Vintel’s recommendations.

Plan ahead

Thanks to Vintel’s weather and phenological forecasts on D+5, decide achiev your goals through a better irrigation
calendar and optimised fertilisation.

Anticipate constraints and overcome them

Simulate irrigation strategies

  • Determine the number of irrigations
  • Set the irrigation duration to the maximum intake recommended by Vintel

Gain in precision

Manage your workforce and expenses one step ahead:

  • Irrigation calendar
  • Reasoning and organizing the water towers
  • Manage cover crop
  • Track canopy

Make every decision an asset for your harvest

Optimize in real time

Follow the recommendations to manage the water reserve in the vineyard and improve your water route in real time, according to your production objective.

Master the plot selection

Reason your contributions according to agro-pedoclimatic criteria and to preserve the environment.

Use case

Start irrigations
& guarantee its production

Word of the winegrowers of Domaine d’Aubian

Irrigation is better and better managed, with earlier decision-making in the year made possible in particular by Vintel.

Vintel is part of the decision triangle completed by weather and wine-growing practices. Irrigation is part of a complex management of the vine, it is a base to be mastered to ensure its production. It allows the plot’s potential to be expressed and to secure yields.

Starting the irrigation earlier gives me a head start and comfort for the rest of the season.

Vintel makes it possible to ensure that the useful reserve is filled before the onset of the first stresses.


Domaine Aubian (11590 Cuxac-d’Aude)

Yoann Schaefer – Vineyard Manager

Type: Vineyard (100% sold grapes)


150ha vineyard – 100% irrigation

Appellation: IGP Pays d’Oc

Production objective: 90 hl/ha max. (at 80 hl/ha, he’s on 0 yield)


  • Certification HVE
  • Vintel client since 2014

Similar pedo-climatic conditions

  • +10% yield
  • -9% water


Later irrigation

Irrigation : 264mm


Irrigation was started early in particular thanks to Vintel

Irrigation : 240mm

Irrigation : 264mm

Certified by Solar impulse

VINTEL intelligent solution for vineyard management
Solar Impulse labeled

VINTEL is one of 1000 global solutions selected for its environmental benefits and profitability by the Solar Impulse Foundation, created by Swiss explorer Bertrand Piccard.

Vintel is your best scientific buddy

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