The first automated service for the forecast of weekly tomato production

What is the impact of forecasting errors?


The volatility of weekly wholesale prices

which harms the tomato and small fruit sector


Extra work

for sales and logistics


Lower value

For lower quality fresh products


A decrease

in buyer satisfaction

Presto : the only automatic forecasting tool for the production of weeks W+1 and W+2


Better negotiate the sales of ancient tomato varieties, small fruits, gariguette strawberries, cucumbers… act rather than suffer from price volatility


Apply the same forecasting expertise to all production sites in a network, uniformly and regularly


Add value to your production and keep your commitments


Avail of systematical forecasting data


Reduce the losses due to forecast uncertainty


Reduce food waste by making the best of your production

Did you know ?

Forecasting errors reprensent a volume equivalent to 35% of production costs, i.e. 20% of the selling price of old tomato varieties!

A personalised commercial offer

  • Depending on the size of your business
  • Offering the possibility of support to monitor and attain your forecasted performance
  • Limiting economic impacts, by improving crop forecasting

Limiting economic impacts, by improving crop forecasting

Good planning is good selling 

The importance of forecasts in weekly production

  • Better negotiation of sales, by anticipating the amount of product to be delivered, without any surplus
  • Anticipating logistics and transport as accurately as possible
  • Accurately plan the organization of the workforce

Presto is aimed at :


Groups of producers

Crops with a high commercial value and fluctuating production : old tomates varieties, small fruits, gariguettes strawberries, cucumbers, etc..

Why choose Presto ®?

Time saving

  • For forecast engineers
  • For sales staff

High performance

  • High economic performance
  • Easy to consult dashboard

Quick and easy to set up

  • No hardware installation (automated weather data)
  • Support in performance monitoring