Smart cattle farming.
Improve performance & animal welfare of the dairy & beef farms

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Smart Farming

A connected collar for 6 services, in buildings and in the pasture

  • Simple

From a single sensor on the cow’s neck, monitor and measure cattle reproduction, feeding, and health in real time.

  • Great value real time

Animals are equipped once in a lifetime. The sensor gathers data 24/7 real time to generate invaluable alerts and data.

  • Resilient

For pastures, the data remains in memory in the collar for 5 days, until the herd returns to the farm.

  • Interoperable

Farmlife is interoperable with your herd management software and other sensors.

  • Flexible

Our technology is robust, our innovations are rapid, adapted to the needs of current operations.

  • Real time

One measurement every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eating Disorder Detection Service

Heat detection service

Calving detection service

Heat stress alerts to reduce losses in milk yield

Comfort and well-being monitoring service

Time estimation for group grazing

Using our behavioral prediction algorithms, based on artificial intelligence.

Grazing remote monitoring. Automatically generated calendar.

Record practices, ensure traceability and improve animal nutrition and health.

Access to data on cow presence on pasture for the previous days.

For each group of animals, identify the days and time spent on pasture.

Check and compare grass intake patterns and trends over the last 7 days.

Quickly access the total number of grazing days in the year.

Traceability. All rumination data are stored. Keep a history of the past two years to compare changes from year to year.

Access, upload and edit an automatically generated grazing calendar to reduce administrative workload. Easily transfer data.

Heat stress, act earlier to mitigate milk loss and reproduction difficulties.

Optimize thermal comfort.

Anticipate heat stress events to reduce losses in milk yield and reproduction difficulties.

    a solution to:

  • Follow 5-day heat stress risk forecasts
  • Adapt operational plan before the first visible signs of heat stress.
  • Monitor how the herd is coping with heat stress and take measures to mitigate.
  • Monitor the efficiency of  mitigation protocol implemented
  • In the fall, assess the impact of heat stress on the farm and define a strategy for next year

Farmers face climate change and more frequent extreme events such as extreme heat waves. They expect relevant solutions to prevent and protect their herd from different issues.

Heat stress affects fertility, diet, milk production and weakens the immune system. included in FarmLife® displays 5-day heat stress risk forecasts, helping dairy farmers to prevent against climate risk, to adopt mitigation measures and ultimately to limit economic loss.

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FarmLife®: daily alerts and scientific datas on your cattle, from birth to cull

To track key events in the life of a dairy farm, Farmlife meets the needs of:


Optimize fertility

Detect heat and schedule insemination to reduce the calving-calving interval and meet your productivity goals. Anticipate calving to reduce heifer mortality.


Monitor feeding behavior

Thanks to careful monitoring, diagnose the efficiency of the ration and its variations in a few minutes to improve production and cow health.


Act quickly for the health of the animal

Anticipate and avoid health problems, thanks to early detection of unusual behavior. Reduce health costs.

Animal well-being

Understand animal behaviorl and the factors disturbing its balance. Analyze the herd’s routine through the standing and lying times, throughout the day.

Thermal comfort of the herd

Anticipate heat stress, quickly identify animals in distress. Adapt practices and provide for adaptations to buildings.

FarmLife®: Monitor, Manage and Perform

Adopt notifications.

With one click access the power of real-time notifications precision, from your mobile. Detect animals to watch day and night.

Simple and fast.

From the first day, place the collars on your cows and your heifers, and discover the simplicity of the indicators, their precision. Take action as soon as possible.

Share your indicators with your advisers.

With your veterinarian and nutritionist advisor, interpret group and individual behaviors to adjust your protocols.

Predict heat stress in the herd.

Manage your performance goals with your weather data and our forecast model. Save money.

Actionable insights 24/7 to manage key events on your dairy farm.

Optimize fertility

With Heat’Live you opt for reliable 95% heat detection. Shorten the calving-calving interval to meet your productivity goals. Lower the age of first calving.

Detect early abnormalities that could affect fertility: Irregular reproductive cycle; Low food intake; Insufficient rest time.


Reduce mortality

With Vel’Live reduce calf mortality and postpartum complications, for better herd longevity.
To optimize the monitoring of your calving with complete peace of mind, receive alerts and be present at the best time.


Get more from your all-in-one necklace!

The combination of Heat’live(reproduction), Feed’Live(nutrition), and Time’Live (comfort/health) services helps to optimize reproduction.

 Share you indicators with your advisor, nutritionist and vetenarian

Optimize rations

With Feed’Live, detect feeding disorders in herds and cows. Optimize rations and verify acceptance of ration changes (ingestion and rumination curves). With Time Live, you can see if it’s a health and comfort issue (balancing time in your schedule).


Identify animals to be inspected

Thanks to artificial intelligence, FarmLife detects health problems early. With Time’live and Feed’live, detect health problems as early as possible thanks to the analysis of animal behavior: comfort problems for the whole herd.


Service Feed'Live

Our clients

To follow key events in the life of a dairy farm, our platform includes the FarmLife decision support tool, as well as agricultural intelligence services (APIs).




Breeding and milk recording advisor

Vets, etc.


Dairies, agro-food industries


Digital companies

Herd management software, milking robot, etc.






FarmLife®: act early, free yourself, save money.


Act early, produce better. Earn money.

Have precise and reliable information to make quick decisions. Validate the effectiveness of your interventions as soon as possible (heat, illness, lameness, feeding difficulties) to better make production costs profitable and increase the longevity of the herd.


Free yourself and focus on priority goals.

Optimize the use of time, reconcile family life / work; practices are changing and smart digital services help increase the quality of life for the breeder and focus on essential tasks every day, throughout the season.


Control milk production performance and optimize yield.

Inputs costs and milk prices volatility, climate risks mitigation, etc. the search for performance is a lever for securing producers’ income and guaranteeing a sustainable future for their operations.