Better treatment of banana against black Sigatoka

Black Sigatoka

Black Sigatoka is one of the main threats to banana production worldwide. It results in significant yield losses and untimely ripening of fruits, which hamper export activities.


Optimizing the phytosanitary strategy against black Sigatoka

The DSS Sigatocare is an application for computer and smartphone, born from the collaboration between ITK and the French research institution CIRAD

  • Early detection of black Sigatoka
  • Automating the CIRAD warning system against black Sigatoka
  • Making data collection easier, without errors
  • Avoiding systematic treatments and saving money
  • Promoting good phytosanitary practices
  • Preserving the environment by reducing the number of treatments

Did you know ?

ITK developed Sigatocare by formalizing CIRAD’s expertise and automating its black Sigatoka warning system. A synthetic risk indicator makes decisions easier and more efficient.

Optimize your phytosanitary strategy


Data entry becomes easier and more reliable thanks to an automatic data quality check

  • Agricultural technicians and producers can collect data on disease severity directly in the field, from their smartphone.
  • The application automatically detects input errors ensuring data quality.

Securing data

  • Data are immediately backed up and saved on remote servers to prevent accidental loss.

Automating indicator computation

  • Disease progression indicators are returned automatically witn no need of transcription or manual calculations.

Simplifying the interpretation of indicators

  • A new type of aggregate indicator helps to plan phytosanitary applications.

Cercoban trusts Sigatocare

Intuitive and easy to use.


Émilie C. Technician Cercoban (Martinique)

Graphs and indicators make it easy to discuss phytosanitary recommendations with growers.

Grégory C., Cercoban Technician (Martinique)

Everything is now automated; work is easier and faster.


David A., Cercoban Technician (Martinique)