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Calving detection service

Reduce mortality by anticipating and preparing for calving

Calving is a key moment in the life of your herd. Medria has created a particularly innovative and effective solution to monitor when calving will occur, with a user-friendly interface. With Vel’Phone®, you will receive text messages at each stage of calving to ensure you arrive at the right time, improving your result with more live calves and fewer postpartum complications.



Health monitoring service

Be proactive to achieve ideal herd health

It’s not easy to detect health problems in cattle, and by the time you do, it’s often too late. That’s why Medria has developed San’Phone® to help in the early detection of animals needing special care. San’Phone® increases the effectiveness of treatments and minimizes production and reproduction losses. Finally, it ensures animal welfare and facilitates the targeted use of antibiotics.



Nutrition monitoring service

Control nutrition to optimize feed efficiency

The quality of the ration is the key factor for livestock productivity and profitability. Medria has developed an innovative solution to optimize your herd’s nutrition, monitor feed transitions and maintain optimal production conditions. FeedPhone® provides daily intake and rumination indicators and early detection of eating and health disorders.



Heat detection service

Controlling reproduction to increase productivity

To shorten the calving interval, inseminate at the right time and optimize the fertility and productivity of your cattle, the HeatPhone® solution is ideal! To help you manage your farm, it provides all the data you need to identify animals that require special attention for reproduction.



Comfort and welfare monitoring service

The only tool for monitoring animal welfare

A sensor attached to a collar on the neck of the cow or heifer records the animal’s behavior every 5 minutes and generates their typical “schedule”.

The data can be used to detect behavioral problems as well as pathologies (lameness for example).

Your farm data at your fingertips

Access FarmLife® from your smartphone or computer

  • Monitor the animals day and night to take action at the right time
  • Anticipate and monitor risk situations by providing you with qualified indicators
  • Identify the animals to be examined to decide whether to adjust the feed ration or initiate medical treatment
  • And organize and schedule the work on your farm


How does it work?

The sensors

Measure and record

The unit

Collects and transmits the data

The servers

Analyze the data


Delivers indicators and alerts

Text message

Informs you in real time

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