Decision App to optimize resources for Vine Quality Performance

Vintel turns managing your vineyards into a simple,
time-saving agricultural operation.

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Vintel helps improve grape production


Predict water status

Anticipate irrigations to grow customised quality grapes, depending on the aromatic profiles.


Monitor disease

Treat just in time, less but enough, and lower costs.


Manage cover crop

Save labour time thanks to improved organisation.
Simulate the impacts of cover crops to meet performance objectives


Save ressources

Irrigate just in time, less but enough, reducing costs. Reduce the environmental impact.


Improve nitrogen use

Adapt nitrogen inputs according to the vine’s growth objectives.

Vintel is your best scientific buddy to reinforce your daily operations.

Vintel is a complete and simple digital platform

Get started in a snap

From day one, you will love the familiarity of a curve vue, and the power of precision yield.

Create your plots

Build blocks in one click and fine tune your app. The more precise you’ll be, the more relevant is Vintel®.

Anticipate climate

Manage your quality performance objectives with you weather data alongside with our agronomic model.

Get more from your scientific buddy

Personalize your interventions and save money, inputs and water.

Did you know?

Vintel® decreases irrigation by


And increases dry down period by


Based on agronomic modeling,

developed with the best researchers for 15 years.

  • Cirad

Get a head start with block management


Plant water status in the field in real time.

Plan ahead

Your vineyard operations, with simulated forecasts for coming week. Decide on the best time to start irrigating your crops.


Labor and expenses with precision. Manage water stress: irrigation, cover cropping, canopy.


Timing of operations, alongside with ressources production and quality. Manage water conservation.


Field selection. Gain increased visibility into management.


Your actions and know the impact before making decisions.

Winegrowers’ Testimonials

Vintel has been giving  me the extra reassurance I need to make irrigation decisions.


Courtney E., Ranch Manager

Vintel helps me save time and manage water stress better.
The interface is the simplest and most intuitive of all the tools used.

Kyle B., Vineyards Manager

Vintel has helped me streamlining viticultural communication amongst my vineyard management team.

Adrienne U., Relation Manager

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