Farmlife is a smart farming, Internet of Things (IoT) based application for the monitoring of livestock health. The FarmLife® service and its LoRa sensors detect cattle heat, improve nutrition and predict the onset of disease to help livestock breeders better manage their herd.

The flexibility of deployment of LoRa devices makes it easy to connect sensors placed on animals and offers the possibility of a significant return on investment (ROI). Our unique Farmlife solution provides breeders with concrete and usable data on the health of their herd to decrease hazards and create productive, efficient and profitable farms.

Being closer to animals

ITK’s Farmbox and FarmBox +® are end-to-end connectivity stations, allowing an easy installation and simplifying administration in complete cybersecurity. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies the new Farmbox allows farmers to be closer to their animals.

A faster data transmission allows an efficient, real time herd monitoring.

A new generation box, easier to install

The itk group has successfully migrated its gateway to a new generation of communication boxes with cattle collars (axels) and other connected livestock objects used for its Farmlife herd monitoring software.

With the new Farmbox, installation is faster and easier for distributors and grant all services previously available. Security and data privacy are maintained but connectivity and speed of data transmission is boosted.

The connectivity control LEDs are visible from the outside, which makes it easy to check the status of the box.

A quality customer experience

Our IoT experts have carried out the qualifications and certifications that make these Farmboxes compatible with all French, European and American standards.

After-sales service is made easy by the installation manuals, providing assembly instructions. An efficient client support grants a reduced response time, avoiding possible loss of information.

With more than 2,000 LoRaWAN™ stations deployed in Europe and the United States, ITK’s Farmlife® services deliver real-time data to support decisions concerning animal health, to optimize fertility and reduce cow mortality.

For all Farmlife distributors get the Farmbox installation manual on the online support space dedicated to distribution, though your account