Coverage of France 3 Ile de France, a television service, about the farm holding AOG that has a herd of cattle equipped with Farmlife collars

In order to improve daily routine, the owners of the farm holding OAG in Seine-et-Marne have used connected collars developed by ITK for their herd of milk cows. They buy them from our distributor Medria Solutions that collaborates with the Ile-de-France Chamber of Agriculture.

Axel of 24 years old who is open to technology has been using the Farmlife app while being in nature with his animals since September 2020. His 60 cows are equipped with connected collars that monitor changes in cows’ behaviour such as ingestion, rumination, or resting time, as well as detect heat to inseminate at the best time.

Heat’Live: Heat Detection Service

A farmer receives Heat’Live alerts on his phone that inform him of heat of milk cows and heifers and insemination control. Another service in the Farmlife app that provides access to 24-hour real-time monitoring of animals to identify those that require special attention for reproduction purposes comes really in handy for breeders.

Reproduction control for higher profitability

The aim of the Heat’Live service installation is to enable the operator to save money and enhance performance by high-quality monitoring of herd management and animal well-being. The Heat’Live service allows Axel to inseminate cows at the best time thereby reducing the interval between two calvings and optimising fertility and productivity of the entire herd. This remote digital tool also allows the breeder to visit his farm less frequently. That saves time that may be spent on other tasks and increases peace of mind.

The Ile-de-France Chamber of Agriculture will be testing the service for four years in order to define all the effects this technology may have on the farm.

Compliance with specifications limits. Example of PDO

The PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) milk specifications require regular production, which implies the calving in groups. Wherever the breeder is located, he receives remote real-time alerts of heat of each animal. This service improves the success rate of inseminations from the first event of heat.


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Reproduction control for higher productivity


Our distributor Medria Solutions offers breeders in Europe the Heat’Live product for milk and lactating cows.

Heat’Live: heat detector recognised by breeders


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