The almond and vine season has been starting for some time in the United States. This is an opportunity for Mélissa and Dylan, from the itk inc. subsidiary, to deploy the installation of connected flowmeters in the customer wineries.

The agricultural decision support tools (DSTs) developed by itk work thanks to agronomic models that take into account several parameters. Irrigation applied to the crop is an essential input, which must be entered manually in the tools. However, it is complicated for farmers to know precisely how much water is brought to the plot. Itk has developed a connected object to quantify this water input: the flow meter.
Installed directly on the irrigation line in agricultural plots, the flowmeter accurately measures the irrigation dose. The flowmeters are compatible with the solutions developed by itk and transmit the information in the Vintel (for vine management) and Vintel Orchards (for almond tree irrigation management) tools.

Mélissa, deployment manager, and Dylan, sales manager of the American subsidiary itk Inc. installed around 50 connected flowmeters at the beginning of May in the customer wineries in several cities in California.
Mélissa tells us about the steps of this installation.

How’s the start of the season going?

The season for the almonds started at the beginning of March and for the vineyards at the beginning of April. Due to events, we can’t go as often as we would like to go on the field. We organize customer meetings by videoconference. At the beginning of May, we were able to install the first flowmeters during the end of containment.

Currently, how are the flowmeters installed?

About 50 flowmeters have been installed. We install 3 flowmeters per plot, it’s the minimum recommended by the itk teams to be as accurate as possible.

Where did you deploy the installation?

We work in several cities and wine regions: Napa Valley, Salinas, Sonoma, Greenfield. We work mainly in North California and the Central Coast.

Have you had any feedback on the flow meters you have installed?

Yes, people are satisfied. We’re getting good feedback, especially on the decision making on irrigation days.”

Are there any plans to install more flowmeters?

Yes, absolutely! We plan to install at least 30 flowmeters.