The NV² research project aims to control nitrogen, from the vine to the cellar, in order to control the organoleptic profile of wines.
Led by itk and a consortium (Nyséos, Frayssinet, Lallemand, IFV, the University of Montpellier 2 and INRAE via 4 of its research units: LEPSE, SYSTEM, SPO and MISTEA), this collaborative project is the result of a call for projects under the FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel).

After three years of research, itk delivered in spring 2020 a software prototype from the NV² collaborative project. The digital service ensures that the nitrogen needs of the plot are met throughout the season to achieve the targeted yield.

Tests of the first version of the tool this season

A pilot group of industry professionals was selected to beta-test the prototype according to three criteria: plot (production objective, soil type, grape varieties, etc.); geographical (plots extend from the Gironde to Provence via Occitania and the Rhone Valley); and type of stakeholders (large estates, consultants, agricultural suppliers).

Since spring, these software tests have been accompanied by an extensive measurement campaign on all the pilot sites. These experiments in the vineyard will enable the prototype to be evaluated at the end of the season.

Vincent Hitte, in charge of experimentation at itk explains the process: “To evaluate the tool as a whole, I am carrying out measurements on the ‘pilot plots’ to monitor soil nitrogen supply and the nitrogen status of the vines at key phenological stages. A complete soil analysis was carried out before budburst and measurements of nitrogen residues are made throughout the season. Since flowering, petiole analyses have been carried out to monitor the dynamics of the nitrogen status and are supplemented by limb analyses between fruit set and veraison“.

From veraison to harvest, the measurements will be supplemented by maturity monitoring and yield estimation in the field,” explains Basile Ploteau, in charge of deployment at itk.

Co-design with the industry

This unique experiment strengthens our link with the user-testers.

We have many exchanges with the professionals of the pilot group. The idea is to build together an expert tool that will meet the sector’s expectations. Their feedback is essential for the further development of the tool. “says Anaïs Guaus – product owner in charge of developing the tool at itk.

At the end of the NV² project, the vine nitrogen management service will be integrated into our Vintel decision-support tool, which enables us to monitor the water status of the vine in real time and offers irrigation recommendations. It has already been marketed for 5 years on more than 500 plots in France and abroad.



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