The Company

Pioneer of smart farming

itk, Intelligence Technology Knowledge, was created in 2003 in Montpellier, to develop Decision Support Tools (OAD) for agriculture. Its mission is to enable farmers to optimize the yield and quality of their crops, and reduce risks on their farm, while preserving the environment through better management of inputs (irrigation, fertilizer, phytosanitary products). itk has always been closely linked to research. Its founder, Eric Jallas, was CIRAD Research Director, and the company remains closely linked to the ecosystem of Montpellier’s agronomic research center, one of the world’s largest for crop production.

Our Skills

Agronomic modeling

It allows predicting crop yields and their input needs based on climate, soil and farming techniques used by farmers. In this area, itk stands out for its mastery of so-called ” mechanistic” models (derived from agronomic research). These models simulate all the physiological mechanisms of culture, unlike statistical models derived from Big Data developed by the majority of other companies in the sector.

Artificial intelligence

to interpret the results of the model and all the strategic data of the operation, and to deduce the best decisions.

Various computer skills

necessary for the development of the Web platforms that deliver the services: supercomputing, portability (consultation on PC, tablet or smartphone, connected or disconnected mode, ergonomics), for an optimal user experience.

Our leitmotiv is agility in adapting technological advances to serve the agricultural world.

Our talents

Only the value of the employees of itk conditions its performance and growth. itk attaches particular care in the recruitment and development of those who are involved.






Engineers / Masters


Bachelor's degree

Key dates


itk was created by Eric Jallas with the support of the Ministry of Research and the CIRAD.


Bayer invests with itk in the setup of a tool for managing diseases affecting grapevines, itkProtect, also called Bay+ Movida.


Kick-off project DISP’EAU (collaborative project, coordinated by itk). Decision support tool for water stress management in vineyards.


Ysoria, Computer Company whose expertise is the development of IT platforms. This last one is specialized in the management of information. Ysoria integrates itk in 2010.


Through the partnership with Agrosud, itk has developed itkpreco (also called Précovision).This model makes easy for everyone (farmers, experts …) preserving crops while reducing environmental impacts.


CropWin a new tool! It allows integrated management of annual crops.


itk thinks to adopt one of its models to the almonds production.


Subsidiary creation. The aim of itk U.S.A is to commercialize Vintel solution on the American market.


Launch of the NV² project supported by itk. The project aims to develop two complementary decision support tools to control nitrogen inputs to the vineyard and cellar.


Integration of the company MEDRIA, solutions for breeding.

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