The solution to maximize your profitability

Cropwin® offers you the best solution to optimize yield and return on investment by controlling both irrigation and fertilization throughout the season.

Seasonal forecast

Agro-economic indicators

Optimization of crop management strateies

Water and nitrogen management

Customizable solution

Which of my fields are underwater and/or nitrogen stress?

  • Locate stressed fields at a glance on the map
  • Identify the current growth stage of your fields

What stresses will affect my field in the future?


  • Benefit from short, medium and long term local weather data
  • Prepare for periods of water deficits and nitrogen deficiencies for the entire season
  • Organize your work based on the forecasted key growth stages

What inputs should I apply to my field?


  • Identify the factor limiting your yield
  • Enter the cost of your actions to estimate the return on investment
  • Test different crop management strategies and maximize your return on investment

Prepare for stress and plan your actions

Manage both irrigation and nitrogen fertilization of your fields

Estimate the increase in yield and profitability derived from your actions

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