The solution to make your plots profitable

Cropwin® offers you the best in-season tactics for real-time irrigation and fertilization of your plots at the same time.

On-season forecast

Agronomic indicators

Optimization of technical itineraries

Control of water and nitrogen

Customizable solution

What are my plots under stress?

  • Identify stressed plots on the map
  • Observe the fill level of the useful reserve for the next 6 days
  • Observe the satisfaction level of the nitrogen requirement by the soil for the plant over the next 6 days

What stress is the most limiting on my plots?

  • Anticipate the interventions with the season view
  • Target field observations
  • Identify the priority action: nitrogen or water

What is the ideal technical route to maximize yield and gain?

  • Control both stresses simultaneously
  • Simulate scenarios to maximize the gain
  • Master your technical itinerary

Anticipate stress and your interventions

Manage both irrigation and nitrogen fertilization of your plots

Estimate the gain in efficiency and profitability of your interventions

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