In order to ensure continuity of service, some itk employees are still carrying out measurements in the field. This is the case of Basile Ploteau and Vincent Hitte, part of itk’s integration division.

The role of the integration pole is to accompany our customers (consultants and distributors) throughout the season.
The team is also in charge of carrying out measurements at our customers’ sites to monitor our agronomic models and make them evolve towards new functionalities.

During this lockdown, Basile and Vincent go out every week to carry out soil sampling from vineyard plots belonging to Vintel® users.
These measurements are part of an internal agronomic monitoring project on the effect of various abiotic stresses (hydric, thermal, radiative and nutritional).
One of the first measures carried out consists of taking soil cores using an auger.

“We sample 8 cores per homogeneous plot. The eight samples were then mixed and sent to the laboratory in 500g and 1kg bags depending on the type of analysis.” says Vincent Hitte.

The plots were chosen to be representative of the wine regions covered by our Vintel® solution: different type of soil, grape varieties and production objectives, distinct training systems (trellised or goblet vines).

“The choice is also made according to other constraints: accessibility and homogeneity of the plots, traceability of cultural practices.” says Basile Ploteau.

Itk’s integration department employs 5 people who maintain close ties with the users of itk’s solutions. In this period of transition, more than ever the understanding of the use of our solutions is essential for our teams. However, itk’s objective remains the evolution of its solutions in adequacy with the needs of the field in a context of sustainable development.

Photos illustrating soil measurements and the current vegetative stage of the vineyard plots.

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