itk generates a large part of its turnover abroad, on several continents. Moreover, with its subsidiary itk inc. based in San Francisco, the company can manage its activities across the Atlantic.

If the opening of itk to new markets abroad is a success, it is mainly due to the diversity of the employees’ profiles. The collaborators are different in terms of their skills, but also in terms of their culture and origin.

Today, 13 nationalities are represented at itk.

This cultural diversity reinforces the innovation potential of the teams at the level of both products and processes. Each culture offers different points of view and experiences, allowing employees to go beyond initial perspectives.

These differences are useful both in maintaining relationships with existing customers and in expanding its markets to new countries. By integrating employees with the same value system as the countries where the company wants to develop itself, itk directly acquires a greater source of knowledge.

Thanks to its corporate culture, dynamism and expertise, itk transforms this difference into strength. Through its multicultural project management methods, everyone has the opportunity to express their difference. These interactions are the DNA of itk and illustrate its global ambition.