The NV² project “Managing nitrogen from vineyard to the winery to control wines organoleptic profile” is selected by the 21th call for projects FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel)

The objective of this project is to propose to wine growers and to oenologists an integrated approach from vineyard to winery, to enhance nitrogen management according to the wine aimed profile. Indeed, the nitrogen content of the grape must is an essential criterion to control and regulate the aromatic quality of the obtained wine and so for their export competitiveness. The project objective is to develop decision support tools to control the whole chain of production based on quality objectives for the fertilization of the vine until choice nitrogen yeast and supplements necessary for fermentation.

Vineyards experiments will allow to deepen knowledge on the assimilation of bio fertilizers with vines and transfer of nitrogen in bays, and modeled on two varieties-models: Sauvignon and Merlot. Experimentation cellar will link the aromatic profile of the wine, and the type of wine obtained, depending on the strain of yeast used and nitrogen nutrients for fermentation. This new knowledge will be integrated into two additional decision support tools, for winemakers and oenologists, and new high-speed methods will be developed to industrialize thin qualitative analysis of berries, must and wine, currently reserved for research.


This project brings together :

  • 4 Companies :


  • 4 public research unit (INRA and University of Montpellier): LEPSE, SYSTEM, UMR SPO and MISTEA


  • The French Wine Institute (IFV) is also associated


The project will start this autumn 2016 for a period of 48 months. For itk, it will allow broaden the scope of its Vintel software, which had already been initiated as part of FUI project (Disp’eau project in 2009) … wishing that NV² meets a great success!