The Cropwin solution allows farmers to simultaneously control irrigation and nitrogen inputs to the plot. The season view with a weather forecast allows users to anticipate their operations while maximizing their income. Cropwin is available for corn (grain and silage), wheat (winter and spring).

National or regional agricultural performance

In addition to these plot-scale uses, Cropwin can also be used for yield forecasts on a regional or national scale for storage or insurance agencies. Since mid-June, the project team has been proposing an improvement in taking into account the variability of winter wheat performance by production region. Thus, forecasts for cultivated wheat, whether in the north of France and Europe or in Central and Southern Europe, are more accurate!

It is possible to take advantage of this new feature in the selection of cultivated wheat as soon as a plot is created, on the page for editing the parameters associated with the crops. Yield forecasts are updated daily until harvest, integrating seasonal climate forecasts, in order to better take into account the climatic context expected by the forecasters until the end of the campaign.


Screenshot of the Cropwin® solution